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Care for Yourself (Eyvketecvs)


to begin a short BODY SCAN BREATHING EXERCISE that will help you feel more connected and at ease.  


Check on Yourself, and -

Care for Yourself (Eyvketecvs).

Review the Graph of Hope below and ask yourself- How am I feeling? How is my body feeling? How is my mind? Try to get rid of any negative self-talk.  We can get through things in our lives that hold us back. Remember- There are people thinking of you and sending you well wishes, love and light. Do the same for yourself and others.

'Eyvketecvs' (E-yuh-kee-dee-jus)

- Care for yourself.   

Or... Try taking 18 minutes to watch this short video. 


FOR A MORE CONNECTED EXPERIENCE, try the following ideas during these moments in the video: 

Start at the 2:08 mark for a short “Envisioning” Exercise - Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and listen closely to the story. Put yourself in the story and be present in the moment.

At 6:36, Listen to the ‘Where is Mom?’ Message- Watch the video and listen closely for understanding.

At the 17:00 mark, Listen with Intention to a Traditional Nimiimiipoo Song- Pause the video and take a moment to take 3 deep breaths. Restart the video and as the song begins, close your eyes. Make a commitment to following your breath while she sings… In and out. In and out.  Breathe in good intentions, breathe out negative thoughts and emotions. As the video comes to a close, close your eyes, take one more deep breath in and out, and name 1 thing OUT LOUD that you can challenge yourself in the coming days to do, that will improve your well-being and/or those around you.

Hope Graph.jpg

Worrying Often

Unable to


Anxious Feelings